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Great news: Foodinnov is expanding abroad!

Foodinnov Group has welcomed a new member in its team: Emma Delecrin will be based in Brussels as Business Developer for the Europe zone. She will be your preferred contact person, intermediate with our experts in France and ready to come and visit you in person!

Who are we?

Foodinnov Group is well implanted in France and have been dedicated to help food companies to innovate, transform, and enhance food and drink products for 30 years now. We have worked alongside hundreds of startups, SME, and large international food companies on their new product development.

Foodinnov offer scientific knowledge and expertise through all steps of a food or drink project: Creativity workshops and innovation management, R&D on product, process and packaging, industrial transfer, regulatory advice, and nutrition expertise. Our asset is to provide guidance from the idea through to launch including production of samples in our own R&D labs.

Why Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

We have recently decided to see bigger and explore new horizons because we think great synergies can be made across frontiers. We will be starting to build connections with you in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland because we are convinced that all of these countries have a talented food ecosystem with a taste for great food:

  • Belgium is a small country at the crossroads of the major European food traditions (Germanic, Latin and Anglo-Saxon cultures), making it a representative test case: “Small country. Great food.” as highlighted by Fevia, the Belgian food and drink federation, when creating their brand “”.
  • The Netherlands are also rather small but have a network of tight partnerships between science, industry and government fueled by world-class research institutes, research universities and public-private partnerships. This network makes Dutch precursors in many food innovation, from farm to fork, in particular plant-based products, which have attracted many of the biggest agrifood companies such as Nestle, Coca-Cola or Unilever.
  • Among Benelux countries, Luxembourg is positioned at the heart of Europe. Dynamic and international, it has definitely a taste for global food and is open to collaboration and exchanges with all its European neighbors.
  • Germany is renowned for its high-quality food where tradition and innovation blend effortlessly. This excellence earns it to be Europe’s largest food producer.
  • Austria, as demanding with the quality of its food products as its German neighbor, is considered to be the european leader in organic farming. At the same time, Austrian food industry is one of the major industries in the country especially with its beverage, confectionary and meat companies.
  • Swiss is deeply rooted in agricultural tradition, is now ready to address major challenges in food, agriculture and nutrition. With an unmatched density of world leading companies and scientific institutions, The Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley is an initiative representative of its willingness to develop, strengthen and promote food innovation in Switzerland.

Different countries, different cultures but all together, we think we can build the food of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t duplicate Emma in each country, so we chose Brussels as a central place in Europe and in the middle of a dense network of food industries. From there, it will be easy to go and visit you and your production sites. Last reason but not least: the food! At Foodinnov, we are food lovers so we hope we would be able to enjoy all the beers, chocolate, waffles, and fries Brussels have to offer when visiting Emma.

Contact us !

We are looking forward to getting to know you better. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more info and to exchange about your project with our experts. Our team is at your service!