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Nutritional expertise

Characterise, optimise and value the nutritional value of your products.

Change your product formulation

The product formulation is adapted to meet your requirements and specifications

Our experts will advise you and research solutions adapted to your objectives:

  • Optimising the nutritional value of your products and ranges
  • Nutritional analysis by calculation (Analyse nutritionnelle par calcul – ANAPC) and Nutri-Score audit
  • Establishing internal policies and nutritional progress charts (National nutrition and health programme [Programme national nutrition santé – PNNS], National Food Programme [Programme national pour l’alimentation – PNA])
  • Changing the product formulation to adapt to the standards of the Catering and Nutrition Market Research Group [groupe d’étude des marchés Restauration collective et Nutrition – GEM-RCN]
  • Clean Label audit and support to help define the specifications for the ingredients
  • Surveillance tool for additives

Nutritional analysis by calculation (ANAPC®)

We offer an analysis method that is unrivalled in responsiveness, cost and reliability and that is validated by more than 30 years of nutritional expertise.

5 advantages of our ANAPC® service:

  • An actionable outcome
    Get a nutritional certificate of analysis and a ready to use INCO labelling suggestion in your packs and data sheets.
  • No shipment of samples
    Save time, no shipping costs
  • Safety and confidentiality
    All information sharing about your products is protected under a confidentiality agreement
  • An economical and tapering rate
    A service with a lower total cost than a physico-chemical analysis in the laboratory


Nutri-Score Calculation and communication

The “Nutri-Score” assigns a letter and a colour to the product (on a scale that goes from A green to E red) based on the nutrient and ingredient profile. It is made up of a “negative” part (Energy values and saturated fat, simple sugars and sodium content) and a “positive” part (fruit and vegetable, fibre and protein values).

We offer you:

  • a results report which includes: the Nutri-Score (classification) and the detailed score for each of the parts;
  • a detailed report offering you specific areas for improvement to improve your product’s overall score;
  • as well as the results, there is a summary sheet with steps to follow to help you implement these changes.

With the Nutri-Score as leverage for optimising nutrition, show off to the consumers your efforts to improve nutritionally.

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