Guaranteed confidentiality for your projects

Whether for products formulation, process or packaging improvement, Foodinnov Group will contact suppliers of ingredients or material without mentioning your company name, guaranteeing total confidentiality for your R&D projects, strategic issue for your firm.

As a matter of fact, and because of the nature of missions undertaken, Foodinnov Group may have access to confidential information regarding contacts (prospects and clients) : strategic projects, recipes, manufacturing process, suppliers, …

Particularly attached to guaranteeing the confidentiality of information received, Foodinnov Group will commit with each and every contact :

  • Not to disclose, transmit, show or make accessible to third parties, through all mean possible, directly or indirectly, through natural or legal person directly or through an intermediary, all or parts of confidential information received from other party, without prior authorization, special and written
  • To send back on demand of other party all confidential information materials made available by the latter
  • Not to use confidential information for other purpose than discussions, contract negotiation or resulting project management
  • Not to disclose nor allow usage of confidential information to other people than those whose intervention is strictly necessary to discussions between Foodinnov Group and third party and to a possible resulting contract relationship
  • To take all necessary measures to ensure strict observance of information confidentiality
  • Not to disclose the name of CLIENT as a reference client to Foodinnov Group, if the client specifically requests it
  • If client wishes to, we can sign a non disclosure agreement, which will outline the purpose and scope of the agreement.
  • On the other hand a secrecy clause is included in all our contracts. Depending on client requirement it can be personalized.