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Regulatory advice

Anticipate and solve regulatory issues by calling upon our consultants at any stage of your project.

We take care of the files:


  • Novel Foods
  • Health claims
  • Foods for special medical purposes (FSMP)
  • Safety of food supplements (Appendix III required since the publication of the Plants Decree)
  • Nutritional justification and safety of enrichments
  • Notification of food supplements
  • Specific regulatory watch

We are also able to support you on:

  • your regulatory positioning strategy,
  • the regulatory validation of your formulas, labels and communication media.

Finally, our team makes it a priority to respond quickly to your urgent questions (hotline) and can consult the authorities confidentially and anonymously.

File Novel Foods / Nouveaux aliments

The new regulation Novel Food n°2015/2283 came into force on 1st January 2018. It facilitates the placement of certain products onto the market, particularly traditional foods from other continents.

Our support can include:

  • The suitability for contact with food diagnosis ruling on whether food is novel or not: on the basis of the criteria defined by the regulations and if necessary, exchanges with the authorities;
  • The market access strategy: regulatory positioning of the ingredient/food, targeted applications, doses incorporated into the matrices, prioritization;
  • Project management: retro-planning, data to be collected for file submission, request for quotes from providers for analysis and toxicity/allergenicity studies, preparation of a provisional budget;
  • The editing of the Novel Food file: documentary research (benchmark, scientific bibliography, usage and consumption data, etc.), coordination of the service providers’ work, writing, translations;
  • File follow-up: administrative submission, exchanges with the competent authorities, adaptation of the schedule up to the adoption of the authorization decision by the EC;
  • Additional information: in the case where the expertise raises missing information, coordination of the actions for the collection of data and its submission to the authorities.

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