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Development and democratization of sports and fitness halls

With the development and democratization of sports and fitness halls, a diverse and more numerous public attend these places. This development, linked in part to an awareness of health issues and changes in lifestyles, has an impact on the entire sector. Now, beyond the practice of sport, the fitness centers fulfill various missions: relaxation, social exchange but also health prevention and the fight against sedentary lifestyle.

In addition, new practices are emerging such as the digitalization of lessons, relaxation sport or even sport-health.

Sport pilate need for nutrition food


New offer of nutritional products

The players in the field are adapting to attract and retain these “new consumers” with a multitude of services surrounding the practice of sport.

Among these services, nutrition products occupy a prominent place. Sports nutrition is no longer restricted to high protein products or hydrating drinks. It is becoming more current with products designed to meet all the needs of athletes and support these new trends.

The offers are more local, plant-based and natural, with a real focus on taste. The brands also relying on products specifically developed with innovative ingredients.


How to develop sports products ? Food products for senior people ? Slimming food or drink products ?

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