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The show

The NATEXPO exhibition, a major meeting for professionals from the organic sector, brings together nearly 1,200 French and international exhibitors (including Belgians, Germans and even Austrians, the latter being very present at the fair and the organic market in general! ) from the food, ingredients, cosmetics and hygiene sectors, food supplements and shop services and equipment. The last edition took place at the Villepinte exhibition center in Paris, on October 24, 25 and 26, 2021. The opportunity for FOODINNOV to go there to capture the “bio-trends” of the market.


While oriented towards organic, Natexpo also exposes more broadly gluten-free, vegan, zero-waste and natural food markets.

 Among the trends, some have particularly marked our minds:

  • An organic market with two speeds : Two worlds oppose the organic present in supermarkets, with its large volumes and the desire to address the general public with affordable prices and “artisanal” organic which puts more emphasis on local and « homemade » products.
  • Natural health : Eating organic today also means taking care of your health through food. In addition to a varied organic diet, plant-based food supplements rich in active ingredients are in the spotlight (ginseng, ginger, saffron, etc.). These healthy ingredients are now also consumed in drinks, cookies, gummies or candies and no longer just through traditional capsules.
  • The emphasis on sourcing ingredients with plant origin (including proteins)
  • Insects : which are timidly entering the market with the presence of Kriket or Yuma Food, two Belgian companies, aiming to create healthy and gourmet products that respect the environment.
  • Cereals and granola: Organic, tasty and rich in fiber, cereal products are among the flagship products of Natexpo. They convey an image of healthy snacks, available in a multitude of flavors.

Innovation is also at the heart of this edition with a well-filled gallery of new products, the natexpo trophies and the forum for food supplements and organic ingredients.

In conclusion, NATEXPO was a rich trade fair for us. Rich in diversity, rich in meetings (local and international), where we could litteraly feel the enthusiasm and innovation.


What’s next for us ?

To deepen our expertise on the health and functional food theme, we will also be present as visitors at the “Free from Food Expo” in Amsterdam on November 23 and 24 (2021). The opportunity to meet and discuss “free”, “plant-based”, “health” or “vegan” trends with you ?