Efficiency and confidentiality

Establishing mutual trust to achieve your projects

Whether it be for product formulation, process or packaging improvement, Foodinnov will contact suppliers of ingredients or materials without disclosing your company name, thereby guaranteeing confidentiality for your R&D projects as strategic tools for your company.

Due to the nature of its projects for private enterprises, Foodinnov has access to confidential information concerning the parties’ (PROSPECTS and CLIENTS) strategic projects, recipes, production processes, suppliers, etc.

Foodinnov is highly committed to ensuring the confidentiality of information in its possession and, as a trustworthy food innovation resource partner, agrees that for each of its engagements with another Party:

  • to not disclose nor transmit, show or share with third parties, in any manner, directly or indirectly, in person or otherwise, all or part of the confidential information received from the other Party, without the other Party’s prior express authorization in writing;
  • to return, upon the request of the other Party, all media and other confidential information made available by the other Party;
  • to not use the confidential information for purposes other than the negotiation of the contract or the completion of the mission to which the information pertains;
  • to not broadcast or permit the use of confidential information except when intervention by a third party is absolutely necessary for the discussions between the stakeholders and the eventual contractual relation which may result;
  • to take all necessary measures to ensure absolute respect for the confidentiality of information;
  • to not communicate the name of the CLIENT, for example, “Referenced Client of Foodinnov” if the client makes this express request.

If the other Party so desires, our engagement of confidentiality can be stated in a signed, written agreement of confidentiality (non-disclosure agreement), specifying, among other items, the limits and scope of non-disclosure.

Furthermore, a confidentiality clause is contained in all our contracts by default. This clause can be modified with specific details to suit the needs of the CLIENT.