What is your innovation strategy ? Invent new food and drink products, optimize industrial cost, improve your manufacturing process ?

  • Innovation management
  • Creativity workshops



Food and drink R&D

To transform a new food idea in industrial success requires multiple expertise and steps. We are here to help from recipe definition to industrialization of products


  • R&D Product, process and packaging in our R&D foodlab
  • Recipe development, reformulation , product specifications, cost engineering, sourcing new suppliers/ingredients



Scientific and regulatory consultancy

Our mission is to accompany our clients in launching ingredients and final products in the food supplements, nutrition and health sector


  • Regulatory consultancy
  • Nutrition expertise : nutritional analysis in our nutrition lab
  • Scientific and technical monitoring



Food technology transfer

Our team of experts will organize and set up new solutions to bring your food products, nutrition products and health supplements to life.

  • Sourcing equipment, sourcing manufacturers
  • Process development, review of existing process



Software solutions

Designed to manage and distribute all the datas for development, production and market launch of food products

  • Product Life Cycle Management dedicated to food R&D
  • Software solution dedicated to nutritional analysis




Regulatory assistance for food and drink export

Opening doors to new markets in and outside European Union


  • Regulatory assistance for food and drink export
  • Assistance in custom procedures



Professional training

Our training sessions are all focused on food and drink innovation, food R&D , nutrition and health products and R&D softwares